About Us

STARTeam Production - START the star brand

As a professional PR and stars promotional company, STARTeam has in-house staff team and well-trained artists for online, offline promotion and event organization. Benefit from our one-stop service, we could reduce the marketng cost and raise the efficiency of our client.

Besides, STARTeam is expereniced in building up social network of entertainment industry for media exposure. Our artists would highly support with brand representative and event promotion to maximize the benefit of our client.

STARTeam artist: Miss Ann Ho (Hong Kong super model), MissYuan Si Yi (Champion of Miss China) and Staries (Hong Kong talented groups).


STARTeam target:

- Become the first Asian entertainment industry IP factory
- Develop trans - regional patterns to produce large amounts of IP
- Recruitment activities in various regions


Starteam is an all-rounded IP production factory for HK, China and also regional market. Staries, a group of talented ladies, is the first succesful IP produced by our team. Starteam is planning to expand our IP network in major Asian cities by recruiting more Staries members, organizing cross-over events and produce entertainment related IP. In 2017, we will prepare ourselves as a regional IP production factory and further increase our influencing power in the industry.

Through continue support by our customers from commercial sector, we have gained more and more resources and succesful cases to prove our business model and capabilities to be one of the most succesful IP factory in Asia.


Our rewards

Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Innovative Start-ups Compeition

STARTeam won the third prize in finalist from 100 teams of participants.
Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Innovative Start-ups Compeition - The last 10 of Hong Kong Selection